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Vietnam Factory Tours provides of factory tours in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We offer two types of tours: custom tours and standard tours, both encompassing visits to four factories within a single day. Our target audience comprises professionals, entrepreneurs, and tourists seeking factory visits to either explore manufacturing opportunities in Vietnam or gain inspiration for launching their own brands.
vietnam factory tour guides

Standard Tours

Standard Tour Packages: Experience a curated selection of factory visits with our pre-selected standard tour packages. In a single day, you will have the opportunity to explore four different factories. For instance, one sample tour package includes morning visits to an apparel and backpack factory, followed by a delightful lunch consisting of traditional Vietnamese sandwiches.
In the afternoon, you will continue your journey with visits to a leather bag factory and a baseball cap factory. As we expand our offerings, additional standard tour packages featuring diverse products and factories will be introduced on a regular monthly basis.
vietnam factory tour guide

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Custom Tours

Custom Tour Packages: Tailored for professionals who already have specific orders in hand, our custom tour packages are designed to meet their unique requirements. These tours provide an exclusive opportunity to visit at least four factories in a day that are capable of producing the product desired by the customer.
During these immersive experiences, customers will have the chance to meet with factory representatives, showcase their samples, engage in discussions about pricing and terms, and gain valuable insights by walking through the manufacturing facilities.
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