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Hi, we are a team with a mission. Our goal is to connect 100 buyers with 100 factories each year. We offer consultations, factory introductions, factory tours and production from A to Z - in Vietnam. Are you thinking about producing your product in Vietnam? We can help you find the right factory fast. Please watch our video to learn more about us. Meet our team below.

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Meet our Team

Chris Walker

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Chris has been living in Vietnam for 14+ years and visited over 90 factories. He is an American that speaks Vietnamese and understands the culture well. His background is in electromechanical maintenance. When he moved to Vietnam he gained a solid understanding of fiber, yarn, knitting, weaving, sewing, packaging and shipping. He learned the garment business during his 7 years working as the marketing manager for a t-shirt factory in Saigon. He is the founder of the company and accompanies clients on tours 80% of the time.

Gia Han Tran

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Gia Hân was born in the south of Vietnam. She is learning to speak English and Chinese. She creates tech packs using Adobe Illustrator. She will document product details our customers need to communicate to factories. She qualifys leads and is the first responder on our social media channels. She will ask three basic questions about tech packs, quantities and quality control. Some times she goes along on factory tours because she is passionate about learning and loves to see inside factories to learn how things are made.


Originating from the western part of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta, Thuỳ holds a degree in Accounting and Auditing. She possesses excellent English proficiency, a logical approach to problem-solving, and exudes a positive and pleasant demeanor. In her role, Thuỳ is dedicated to understanding your requirements, clarifying our services, and facilitating payment arrangements. Furthermore, she provides recommendations for project timelines in our end-to-end production service. Occasionally she accompanys clients on engaging factory tours.


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Moon was born in the north of Vietnam. She graduated from banking university in 2015. She has 8 years experience as a garment merchandiser. She knows the process of developing a sample from tech pack to shipping. Her role is to review 27 questions with you, create a first draft tech pack, source fabric and trims and then get tech pack made.

Trung Nguyen

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Trung was raised in the north of Vietnam and after high school moved to the US to study business and work for a car parts manufacturer. He speaks English very well, solves problems logically and has a pleasant and positive attitude. His job is to listen to your needs, explain our services and arrange for payment. He also recommends project timelines for our production A to Z service. 20% of the time he goes out with clients on factory tours.

What makes us Unique

We are not Agents

We do not have contracts with factories to get paid commissions. We get paid by you and we have your best interest in mind. For example, if you ask for sock factories the we consider the list of 10 sock factories we know and choose the best three that fit your needs. This also means that our work is very clearly defined and if you want us to do more than introduce then we have a la carte services like audits, QC, sample development…basically you pay as you go. If you need much more than introductions or small jobs done then we are available for hire but we still get paid by you and we are not agents. We are guns for hire that can accept long term contracts as well as short.

We are transparent

We don't play the game of hiding our network of factories. The moment you pay us, we are 100% transparent - we are on the same team. When working with us, you can jump in and talk directly to the factory at any time.

We educate

We like to learn and we like to share what we have learned about food, history, manufacturing, politics and culture in Vietnam. We are very knowledgeable about all the steps in garment manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, quality control, shipping and import/export duties. If you ask a question we can not answer then we know someone who can.


Our Best Selling Product

List of Factories in Vietnam

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Would you like to contact vetted factories directly to get an idea on price?

During our last 10+ years working in Vietnam 🇻🇳 producing merchandise we have put together several lists of factories to make it easy for you to get started in Vietnam.

We give you their company name, company website, first name of the contact person and their google map link. Out of respect for the individuals, we don't give out their full name, email or ☎️ phone number. You can contact them via their websites or connect with us on Linkedin and we will put you in direct contact with one of them.

🙏 If you need further assistance to get price quotes, samples made or quality control then let's connect after you have had a chance to explore all the possibilities in Vietnam. 🎯

Price is $35 per list.

We offer production from A to Z in our own factory.

Deliverables are:
  1. List of 27 Questions
  2. Design Advice
  3. Draft Tech Pack
  4. Fabric, Trim and Accessory Sourcing
  5. Pattern, Marker and Fabric Utilization for one Size
  6. Price Quotation
  7. Sample using Available Fabric, Trims and Accessories
  8. One 30 min progress call with Chris each week

Terms are:
30 days from the day we receive your samples and answers to 27 Questions
Sample and Tech Pack will be delivered to you at the end of the 30 days

Schedule a call with our sales team.

We offer factory tours

Standard Tour Packages: Experience a curated selection of factory visits with our pre-selected standard tour packages. In a single day, you will have the opportunity to explore four different factories. For instance, one sample tour package includes morning visits to an apparel and backpack factory, followed by a delightful lunch consisting of traditional Vietnamese sandwiches. In the afternoon, you will continue your journey with visits to a leather bag factory and a baseball cap factory. As we expand our offerings, additional standard tour packages featuring diverse products and factories will be introduced on a regular monthly basis. Our Vietnam factory tour guides are trained by me, Chris Walker.

Custom Tour Packages: Tailored for professionals who already have specific orders in hand, our custom tour packages are designed to meet their unique requirements. These tours provide an exclusive opportunity to visit at least four factories in a day that are capable of producing the product desired by the customer. During these immersive experiences, customers will have the chance to meet with factory representatives, showcase their samples, engage in discussions about pricing and terms, and gain valuable insights by walking through the manufacturing facilities. Our Vietnam factory tour guides are trained by me, Chris Walker.

  1. Visit 3 to 5 factories in a day.
  2. Meet factory representatives to discuss price, MOQs, fabric sourcing, delivery times etc.
  3. See their showroom.
  4. Walk around the factory floor.
  5. Vietnamese coffee breakfast.
  6. Vietnamese sandwhich lunch.

If we need to travel outside of Ho Chi Minh city, flights and hotel are paid by client.
We need one week to prepare and payment upfront.
If cancellation, then we will return 50%.

Schedule a call with our sales team.

We Offer Consulting and Factory Introductions

  1. We meet online for one hour:
  2. Chris listens to your story,
  3. Chris understands your needs,
  4. Chris understands your product,
  5. Chris answers your questions about manufacturing in Vietnam,
  6. Chris offer his advice,
  7. and Chris introduces you to three factories.

Chris gives you the factories first name, last name, email, phone number, website and the factory Google maps link. If he knows the factories well, then he explains their history, strengths and weaknesses. Then you contact them directly to ask about price, MOQs, sampling, lead times etc.

I do not get paid commissions from Factory's. I get paid by you and select the factories that fit your needs the best.

We stand by our commitment to be the best Vietnam factory tour guides.

Schedule a call with our sales team.


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