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Imagine that you have an idea to produce surf shorts, wooden toys, metal car parts or frisbee backpacks. Would it be great to get inside the factory that can make it for you to learn about the options you have? Would you like to see the production steps where you will need to control quality? We can get you inside Vietnamese factories for a tour. Watch our video to learn more about our factory tours.

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Are you ready to visit factories in Vietnam?

Hi, my name is Chris and I am a Vietnam sourcing expert that offers consultations, factory introductions, factory tours and production from A to Z. Are you thinking about producing your product in Vietnam? I can help you find the right factory fast.
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Here are a few examples of factories we can visit.

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Leather Bag Factory

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Swimsuit Factory

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Baseball Hat Factory

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Sewing Factory

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Home Decor Factory

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Backpack Factory

Our Tours are for Tourists and Business People Alike

Would you like to go on a factory tour in Vietnam with me or my team? I am an American who has lived in Vietnam for 14 years. I speak the language, know the culture and have personally visited over 70 factories. Allow me to introduce you to manufacturing in Vietnam - the land of opportunity. Why Vietnam? Because the government is very business friendly and labour costs are competitive. One of my best services is Vietnam factory tours where I take you inside some of the country's most remarkable factories- a hands-on experience that will give you an insight into how things are made.

Follow me through local factories where you can learn about the intricate techniques that make Vietnam manufacturing so renowned around the world. You'll witness factory workers making everything from t-shirts, leather purses, electronics, shoes and more.

We have two kinds of tours: custom or fixed. Our custom tours cater to different interests and requirements with flexible timings. Our fixed tour covers four different products to give you a full spectrum understanding of manufacturing. A trip trough bustling Ho Chi Minh City or hustling Hanoi districts enroute to factories will be a day you will never forget. The visit presents more than just "seeing" but engaging conversations. If you are just interested in just learning then I can accommodate. If you have a specific product you want to produce, you will walk away with prices, MOQs and quality control know how.

Other Services We Offer

Fashion Start Up Consulting

Our team offers a range of services to fashion start-ups who would like to hire Vietnam’s affordable branding, marketing and production companies/factories. We go over the production steps with you, advise you regarding budgets and recommend factories that can do small quantity. With this information, we help clients develop effective strategies for product development, bulk production, branding and marketing.

Do you need help you with branding and design. We have experience creating unique brand identities that will resonate with your target audience. This includes developing logos, packaging, website design and other visual elements that communicate the brand’s values and personality. By creating a strong brand identity, we help fashion start-ups stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Market Research

for Seasoned Professionals One of the main advantages of outsourcing production to Vietnam is the lower cost of labor compared to other countries such as China and India. The average hourly wage for a worker in Vietnam is around $3, which makes it an attractive option for companies looking to reduce costs.

However, before deciding to produce in Vietnam, it is important to research the prices for your product. For example, the cost of producing software may differ from the cost of producing textiles. It is also important to consider additional costs such as transportation and taxes. Vietnam is not always the most cost effective.

We can work on your behalf to get price quotes from factories to know if Vietnam is competitive or not.

Factory Introductions

Have you already decided to produce in Vietnam? Would you like to be introduced to three Vietnamese factories that can start production ASAP? We offer this factory introduction service.

The service goes like this: we schedule a 1 hour consultation, I listen your needs, I answer your questions and I give you advice. Then, I introduce you to at least three factories that I guarantee can make your product. I can't guarantee price, payment terms or delivery times. I give you their back story, name, website, email address and phone number. You then contact them directly. If you want me to do a direct introduction then I can. I only guarantee that the factory can make your product. I can not guarantee they will accept your quantity or meet our deadline.

During the call we will discuss:

* labour costs;
* North vs Center vs South of Vietnam;
* Vietnam vs China;
* logistic options;
* travel safety;
* legal considerations;
* tax advantages;
* language and culture
* and answer your questions.

I don't work as an agent. I don't get paid commissions by you or the factory. If you want me to work as an agent then I charge 10% based on the export value of the order.

Production Monitoring

If you need us to oversee your development, production, quality control and shipping then we offer a month to month package deal.

We will receive your samples. We can make a tech packs for you. We will make a physical sample using available fabric/materials. We will quote you a price for small, medium and large quantity. We will educate you about all the options and procedures for working in Vietnam via 4 - 30 minute zoom calls within 30 days.

We invoice you for a monthly fixed retainer amount.

* You pay for any sample shipping costs to and from your office.
* You pay for sample making if factory requires it.
* You pay for tech packs as needed.
* You pay for quality control as needed.
* You pay for transportation when needed.

We do not get paid commission from factory. You will be in CC for communications with factory.

If there are delays that are not because of us, then after 30 days, if you want us to continue working, then we will ask for another monthly retainer.
If we are the cause of the delays then we will compensate you for the # of days we delayed.

Quality Control

We offer quality control and charge by man-day. If we need to travel outside of Ho Chi Minh city then we charge for transportation. We use the AQL standard and provide a report that includes images and written descriptions of any issues we find. We will work closely with the factory to resolve any issues that arise.

Factory Audit/Assessments

We offer Factory Audit Services to ensure that manufacturing facilities meet the required criteria for quality, safety, and sustainability. The audit process includes a thorough inspection of the factory premises, production processes, and documentation. Our team of highly experienced auditors examines all aspects of the factory operation and provides detailed reports on areas that require improvement.

A Factory Audit Service helps organizations make informed decisions about their suppliers and manufacturing partners. It also helps them identify potential risks before they have a chance to impact their business negatively. The service focuses on key areas such as social compliance, health and safety standards, environmental regulations, security measures, labor practices, product quality control measures.

Our aim is to provide valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of suppliers' operations to help businesses make informed decisions when it comes to sourcing products from factories in various locations around the world. By choosing this service you can save themselves time while ensuring they are working with ethical manufacturers who are committed to producing safe products at affordable prices within stringent compliance guidelines.

In Summary

We help you source materials, manufacture and manage supply chains. We have 14+ years experience working with Vietnamese factories to produce high-quality garments in low quantity at competitive prices. By streamlining production processes and optimizing supply chain management, our clients reduce costs while maintaining quality standards. Overall, these services enable fashion start-ups to navigate the complex world of fashion business with confidence and achieve success in this highly competitive industry.
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